History & Site Description

MHS Historic Photo

Bow Fairlead

Bow with Diver

One more Bow Shot

Bow Turret Showing Anchor Chain

Diver at Bow Turret

Bow Bitts showing damage from ships dropping anchors on it

Capstan laying to side of bow turret

Capstan closeup

Top of Bow Turret - Shaft in center is to the above capstan

Closer look at bow capstan shaft and bitts

Aft side Bow Turret

Port Side Break in Hull

Coal Bunker

Inside Cargo Holds

Thousands of Ruff (fish) in holds

Fwd Stern Turret

Under the turret deck

Stack opening in turret

Entering stack opening of fwd turret

Boiler Room Blower in Turret

Toilets in Fwd Turret

In Boiler Room below forward turret

Engine Controls in Engine Room under center turret

Wooden paneling in Engine Room

Top of Door to tool room in nearly buried area behind engine room under aft turret

Door forward of tool room door

Nearly buried Starboard Cabins near Tool Room

Sternmost Turret

Stern Turret top - Note intact Capstan

Stern Turret - Hull mostly buried